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The Goals of Gainful Employment

The cutting edge blame orbiting the sharp rectangular table was hard to get a good hold on. It backtracked, whistled, bubbled, and whizzed. The circular drain under the table became clogged with oblong, sticky goo. Many guilty parties paled. Then … Continue reading

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On Hold

      Either the lines had been crossed, circuits overloaded, or I had been put on hold. Who knew what when? Complex variables in my experience tended to rule with an invisible claw. That’s the quasi-free market for ya. Many … Continue reading

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Je Suis Invisible

The buzz that I was hearing came from around the deep end of the bend where invisible enemies often hide out with impunity. It’s a fucking shame they haven’t been wiped out. I learned this conclusively during extra-curricular activities that … Continue reading

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Connecting To The Big Bang

Okay, I will admit that I was hearing voices again.  But these were the good kind.  Listen to this: According to reliable hearsay evidence, interstellar activity has been gathering dynamism, thrust, and elliptical momentum.  Yes, again.  Contradictions abound. Where?  Out … Continue reading

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Not At Liberty To Say

   They came to arrest me on a Saturday morning.  I had been hearing tripartite hoots from the tawny owl all night.  I slept in fitful spurts only.  The pewter fog that shimmied on the surface of Monterey Bay showed … Continue reading

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