Woven and Spun

I heard the news today, oh boy. Another headless army lost another high stakes war by a head down the stretch, too bad. The head continued to roll downhill until blocked by a rock, hard luck.

The large mouth heads swinging dicks on TV platforms, flopping like bass, and fawning like does, were unmoved. Large, thick, lumbering heads do not support extensive ambulation. It takes a heavier load than that to move such a dense mass off a favored spot to squat, tough shit.

In the many unenlightened distinctions peddled wholesale by religiously protected merchants to gain market share between vanilla beans and mocha briquettes, tan, ecru, and beige, pros and cons, flip flops and espadrilles, and deaf and dumb squeezed between more and less atop here and now, how much health, wealth, and stealth turns up  lost and missing under piles of slick wall to wall carpet, either a dusty rose or dovish mauve bathed in iridescent lighting, woven and spun thick by automated caterpillars in Bangladesh? In the official unquestioned explanation the truck was hijacked by them not us after running out of gas. Name a day in which shit don’t happen. The skim as it turns out may be more than equal to the cream.

What, you thought all of these fixed games under the table were on the up and up? Glib talk is not only cheap but on sale at all hours. Better watch every step, including the dangerous one behind. Don’t dare disbelieve they are not out to get you. How do you think holey moly ash Wednesday got off snuggling right up alongside Super Bowl Sunday in the lineup for Christ’s fucking sake? Behind the smoke blowing and the shaken tambourines is more blowing smoke.

How many presidents have been solemnly designated by American exceptionalism to proclaim, “I am not a crook.” How many were not lying?

No creature from the bog is going to drain any swamp. Creatures like that are bent on building bigger bogs, restocking them with bigger fish to swallow raw, and suck on the marrow from the hallowed bones.

Lying is as much the cold lifeblood of a biped politician as any equally evolved vulture or amphibian. I’m still waiting to hear the name of that exceptional day. The smoke provides the essential circulation to enable the stinky air.

The historic smoke due to an avalanche of necessary and sufficient conditions has become so gray and thick that machines had to be invented to keep up with demand. The investment was well worth it, however. What certified government would refuse to support such a worthy cause? Jobs blown that sky high cost an arm and a leg in sanctified government procurements and the long range prospects for profit appear in the lifespan of commerce to be never ending. You better believe the lines chasing those good jobs are going to be straight and narrow and stretching across limitless horizons from here to hell and a damned eternity forever.

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writer of fiction
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