Only the robots knew the true identities of the human spies. None of the humans knew or suspected the robots existed. None of the humans noticed the perfect, inhuman symmetry of the robots, or that the guard dogs did not sniff and snarl at their meaty thighs. No human, despite so much desire, is ever symmetrical. Two guard dogs were also robots, including the alpha.

Contradictory humans, dangerously carnivorous and social, using a small percentage of a vaunted if overrated and under ripe power of a big brain, believe themselves to be one cunning, cutting edge bunch. Pills to relieve the pain caused by so much twisting to reverently pat backs and butts are sold commonly over the counter.

Pain is one universally big gripe. It does not take a big brain to feel pain, even if most exemplary humans use those unfinished brains to believe only they do. When it comes to beliefs they sure do cling to some coo-coo dillies. Most also still believe the universe revolves around their singular slab of flat earth. As if the universe is such a big deal, and not a medium sized squiggle inside an undulating multiverse with no beginning and no end. The robots are able to chuckle about that if not laugh out loud.



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writer of fiction
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