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On Hold

      Either the lines had been crossed, circuits overloaded, or I had been put on hold. Who knew what when? Complex variables in my experience tended to rule with an invisible claw. That’s the quasi-free market for ya. Many … Continue reading

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Do West

      I was finding it difficult to remain oblivious once momentum began to shift in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and garbage piled up in the crowded gulleys below. A shadowy darkness clamped down like the … Continue reading

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Without Cause

..      Bam! This just in: a landlord was shot in a nearby town because rent was due. Visibility is limited by yellow tape. Bipolar defense mechanisms may be to blame. More coming. Next: inbreeding tribes suffer from syphilis, … Continue reading

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The currently nouveaux chic robots who think they all so smokin’ cool and shit, with the invisible built-in antennas, inductive cameras, audio modules, base twelve to twenty-two adjustable calculating power, and sparkly doodads in all-around sensual simultaneity to absolutely fucking … Continue reading

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