Terrorist Teeth Attack

I have been diligently tracking current events and last week uncovered evidence of an alarming development that proves the dangers inherent in opening bare arms to Godless evolution.  I believe all decent human beings of limited pigmentation will concur that this is just plain wrong and something serious must be done to stop it before it gets out of control and becomes another decadent trend.

Recently, in New York, where it should be no real surprise I suppose, David Lee of the Golden State Warriors was simply doing his thing on the highly paid professional basketball court as a large whitish man struggling against all odds.  Same as it ever was.  No more and no less.  As it should be.

Innocently, and in the natural order of events, he knocked out two teeth of a lowly opponent with the acuity of his elbow.  It couldn’t be helped.

Such is how it goes.  White men sure as hell don’t act like monkeys.  Elbows, when scientifically swung with sufficient velocity, will trump unthinking teeth any day of the week, teeth that are merely smaller, less wise, far more immobile.  Not every filthy animal in the jungle has an elbow but damn near every single one has filthy teeth.   Plus, although some teeth claim to be pure white, they never are.

This is frankly just the sort of human activity that occurs when big men are naturally behaving like big men and has been going on for as long as planetary grooves have been etched by God in pillars and stone.  What could be less threatening than carrying out God’s plan in the way it has been so clearly intended? Otherwise, how else could we find ourselves upon the edge of the precipice upon which we are bound?

But, how did these vicious teeth respond?  Reasonably?  With sufficient understanding of how real things operate in the real world?

No, these teeth cut Mr. Lee illicitly to the bone.  No, these terrorist teeth had the humongous balls to infect Mr. Lee with the low down nasty venom of a slithering asp and crawl profoundly into his guts and into his innards wholly uninvited, sending him sadly to the emergency room later that same night and to the disabled list later that day, where his elbows would remain sidelined for 2-4 weeks.

What can be obviously said other than the whitish man’s heavenly burden is threatened here as never before?  What in God’s good name gave those uppity teeth the right?  Why can’t these so-called teeth learn to stay in their place where they belong without launching vicious terrorist attacks on innocent nearly white skin and bone?

I know that Glenn Beck if he ever thought deeply about the subject would agree with open heart.  Perhaps tears would be shed.  He would correctly point out the similarities between aggressive yellow teeth that don’t stay put and Nazi bastards on the rampage.

This is simply one more clash of cultures that attempts to defy what all of history has proven to work best.  Know your place and stay there, motherfuckers.

What will be next, small Chinese men wearing thick eyeglasses assuming role model roles to replace Atlas, Samson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Will doofuses and clowns wearing baseball hats turned cockeyed become cool?  Will fornication multiply by quantitative bounds?

Not if I have something loud and incoherent to say about it.  Not if you join in and follow the bouncing ball.  Not if we all gather together into somewhat mindless masses and do something threatening about it.  There’s the fucking rub for you.  You’d all better get down on your fucking knees and pray like crazy motherfuckers.

That’s precisely why it is so imperative to act and act now and act again and again in exactly the same way.  I want this shit turned around facing back where it came from.  Now.  or else.

Someone must be found to blame.  Someone has to suck it raw. How can any deeply thinking American disagree?  Any American who disagrees is not a real American.  Isn’t how all this stinking Godless shit started at the very beginning?

I want my country back.  It’s mine.  Am I right or am I right?  You betcha.  Stinking motherfuckers.




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writer of fiction
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